Top Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022

Explore Most Popular Social Bookmarking Sites for 2022

Social bookmarking sites are websites on the internet where users can share various web pages, blog post, Videos, Images and articles.

It is a great way for users to manage, organize, search and store many useful web pages and blogs that they come across, and that they would like to share with others or maybe revisit them.

Since these social book marking sites are web-based services, the user can access the online bookmarks from any device and at any time. These websites find content based on the user’s interest and their feed is accordingly personalized, and this allows users with similar interests to connect, and view websites that they like and share articles that they find useful. So, let’s quickly understand what is “Social Bookmarking” and how it works.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Let’s split the term social + bookmarking. It means bookmarking your website on social platforms as they have a huge traffic of visitors.

Social Platforms: Where most users visit and interact with each other.

Bookmarks: Saving a link of your website (your website URL) on bookmarking platforms to generate quality backlinks and traffic. Hence, in SEO language, It is an online submission activity which comes under the off-page SEO in which any registered user can share and bookmark web links.

Importance of Social Sharing_

Social bookmarking has definitely, improved the perspective of search engine ranking for your websites and blogs by allowing you to optimize bookmarks for your content and sharing it with people.

Here are some points that can be seen as the importance of social bookmarking.

Increase in traffic to the website: Social bookmarking is one of the easiest ways to attract the right demographics of users to your website.

Creating a social bookmark makes it easier for users and audiences to find your website when they search for a particular topic that you might create content about.

Profitability:If your blog or website is meant for your income, an increase in traffic means an increase in your cash flow.

If you have a website that sells commodities or a blog that earns you royalty, more audience visiting your blog would be important for you, and Social Bookmarking would be able to help in that case.

Popularity: Social Bookmarking is done by humans, which means a bot cannot use this technique. Therefore, that means all the social bookmarks would be organic, and it would be easier for your site/blog to visible for more people online, increasing your popularity.

How to Do Social Bookmarking?

There are so many tips you should remember at the time of the bookmarking of a web page. Some of them are as:

  1. Choose the appropriate category.
  2. Add appropriate and limited tags.
  3. Follow the social bookmarking website’s guidelines.
  4. Describe your web page correctly.
  5. Don’t bookmark a single URL many times.

To do social bookmarking, first, you need to collect some of your website data.

For example:

Title, description of your site, keyword, tag, all your social media links, video link and if you have available the image of your business.

All these kind of information you must have needed while doing social bookmarking.

So, here I am going to tell you how can you do properly social bookmarking to your website

Let’s follow some steps which I am going to share below.

  1. Pick the URL from your website you want to promote.
  2. The URL must have a keyword associated with it, write a hilarious description related to that keyword.
  3. Open any Bookmarking website like Diggo, Reddit.
  4. Login or Register on the website (if promoted).
  5. Click on Submit a link.
  6. Enter the required information.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Copy the generated URL and paste it into an excel sheet

Note: Always keep an excel record for every social sharing you do.

Top 15 Popular Social Bookmarking / Sharing Sites List 2022

Google Bookmarks | DA 100

Google bookmarks are owned by Google, It helps you to share content, images, or videos across circles, communities, or interest-based groups called ‘collections’.

It also allows users to easily find content around topics they are interested in, store, or share it with compatible individuals.

Note – This service was discontinued on September 30, 2021.

LinkedIn Corporation | DA 99

LinkedIn has been one of the best platforms for sharing and posting content to a B2B audience. It’s great for professionals to get input and engagement from other professionals in their niche.

That audience gives it a higher potential for links from those who need expertise on your subject.

Facebook | DA 96

With an entire plethora of applications, Facebook is able to connect with people across the globe with ease.

It’s also one of the largest social bookmarking sites out there.

With a business page and advertising opportunities, it’s easy for your company or organization to have a presence on this site.

It also shows the latest news, trends and topics of discussions using its search feature.

So that, you can create and publish different types of posts on Facebook like text only posts, photo posts, video posts, and much more. | DA 96 is one of popular social media sites list, In which you can create groups and public pages, organize events, and message other users.

You can also share images, video, and audio or even play browser-based games.

Myspace | DA 95

MySpace is a social sharing site where you can submit your site or blog through their Feed Submit the form. Using the form, you can submit your feed, URL, and choose a related category.

Pinterest | DA 94

With 70 million users, Pinterest has become an enormous platform to bookmark your favorite ideas, recipes, work, and pictures.

With a high domain authority and 250 million peoples are using this site in a month, this is a website you should be posting on. You can create pins and boards to share your website link here.

Twitter | DA 94

Twitter is a social sharing site which gives you limited space to post your content along with web-links.

You have a 140-character limit so choose words wisely and be concise. Also, you have an option to attach up to four photos or videos per tweet to make it more interesting share. Moreover, Twitter has a feature called DMs which can be used for private messaging for followers and friends to communicate directly with each other.

Instagram | DA 93

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social sharing platforms. It is a highly visual platform, where you can share videos and images.

You should use Instagram Stories and Live features. It is very popular among the younger

Reddit | DA 92

Reddit is one of the leading social sharing sites on the internet. It is one of the most popular websites where you can share links to articles, stories, videos, and images.

With over 330 million users worldwide, Reddit is an excellent social sharing website to promote your

Slashdot | DA 91

Slashshot is a social sharing site that shows new stories submitted by users.

It also shares the perfect links on Linux, games, phone, security, management, book reviews, and lots more. You need to check the submission guidelines.

GetPocket | DA 91

GetPocket is also a social bookmarking website platform that allows you to share content as well as save it to see later. It also offers you to listen to the published news.

Flipboard | DA 91

Flipboard is a social sharing and content curation site that estimates its goal on personal fulfillment.

It wants its users to find content that keeps them informed,

gets them involved in the world, and make them better overall.

Diigo | DA 90

Diigo is the social sharing site that helps you to bookmark, tag, compile, save, and archive web pages of interest and relevance.

A sure shot method for users to not lose sight of websites and URLs they find interesting and informative.

Plurk | DA 88

Plurk is a social sharing platform that functions a little like twitter. This social sharing site is a great way to circulate information, news, and updates.

This platform named as Plurk,

wants its users to stick to 210 text characters while sharing content

Tumblr | DA 86

Tumblr is a social sharing platform that allows you to create your multimedia mini-blog posts based on the content you want to share.

You can also create your content to share, allowing you to take an article, blog post, or visual content, and load it to your Tumblr.

Furthermore, you can learn how to verify you Tumblr blog.

List of Emerging Social Bookmarking Sites_

Emerging Social Bookmarking WebsitesDomain Authority (DA)


New Social Bookmarking WebsitesNew Social Bookmarking Websites

List of Free Online Social Bookmarking Sites High DA_

Explore below the top 50 social bookmarking sites list divided into High DA, Dofollow and free submission for social sharing.

New Social Bookmarking WebsitesNew Social Bookmarking Websites

Dofollow Social Bookmarking / Sharing Sites List 2022_

There are many 1000 social bookmarking sites list, but here is the do-follow one, Give it a try now!

Dofollow Social Bookmarking WebsitesDomain Authority (DA)

High Quality Social Bookmarking / Sharing Sites_

You can easily find top 100 social bookmarking sites online, but here is the high quality one.

Try it now!

High Quality Social Bookmarking WebsitesDomain Authority (DA)

Please subscribers our chanel_

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022 {Below 50 DA}

Explore this free list of top social bookmarking sites , less than 50 domain authority and use it now!


Quick Way to Bookmark Your Website

Social bookmarking or submission or sharing way in those sites in which account registration is required.

This platform named as Plurk, wants its users to stick to 210 text characters while sharing content.

Tumblr | DA 86

Tumblr is a social sharing platform that allows you to create your multimedia mini-blog posts based on the content you want to share.

Step 1 – Go to website and find login/registration page, then sign up.

You can choose login via third party as most of the social networking sites have login facilities like login via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter & etc.

Step 2 – After sign in, you can bookmark any web link with supported web address in respective social bookmarking or submission site.

Social bookmarking or submission or sharing way in those sites in which account registration is not required.

The Only Step – Select your any web link with supported web address and click submit and get your approved link for social bookmarking or submission or sharing.
Benefits of This Social Sharing
Social bookmarking / submission / sharing is required to bookmark any old or latest generated web link into all the high authority social networking sites to get backlinks for that particular one.

Social bookmarking is considered to be one of the top three best SEO activities to increase the volume of your business.

The main benefits of social bookmarking are as follows:

It is one of the best and innovative media to keep your website on the top searches.
For internet users, it is one of the easiest ways that help them store, search, organize, and bookmark their searches.
Social bookmarking will generate lots of traffic on your website in almost no time.
This is the best service for backlinks to increase your rankings.
By the use of social bookmarking, you can very easily get a good ranking for your website which is otherwise very difficult to get.
Social bookmarking helps in brand building and enhances YouTube SEO by sharing videos.

The Historical & Interesting Facts about Social Bookmarking

Online bookmark management services started in 1996.
The term “Social Bookmarking” was coined by Delicious which launched in 2003.
Pinboard was the first paid bookmarking service.
Current web browsers of that time introduced the feature of bookmarking a page in 2004.
21st century’s businesses are using social bookmarking productively.

FAQ about Social Bookmarking

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What is social bookmarking?
What are backlinks from social bookmarking sites?
Why do we do social bookmarking?
Final Thoughts

I hope that the above complete list of social sharing sites will help you surely in SEO practice so that you can boost your website traffic easily.

Social bookmarking is the 2nd process of content marketing and one of the top 3 SEO activities which build your brand’s presence online within your targeted audience.

So, what you’re waiting for?

Just explore all the social bookmarking sites one by one and please do not forget to share your preferred social sharing sites for SEO in the below comment section.

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