Photo Editing

For the uses, cultural impact, and ethical concerns of image editing, see Photo manipulation. For the process of culling and archiving images, see Digital asset management. For the restoration of physical photographs using digital techniques, see Digital photograph restoration.

A colorized version of originally black and white photo, colorized using GIMP

Original black and white photo: Migrant Mother, showing Florence Owens Thompson, taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936.

This is a photo that has been edited as a Bokeh effect, using a Gaussian blur.
Image editing encompasses the processes of altering images, whether they are digital photographs, traditional photo-chemical photographs, or illustrations.

Beginner Photography Mistakes & How to Avoid Them.

As a new photographer, it’s inevitable that you’re going to make mistakes. Some of the most common photography mistakes beginners make are also the easiest to fix. When you first start taking photos, your images may be: underexposed, overexposed, out of focus poorly composed  or just plain old dull, and boring.Don’t let it get you …

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PhotoTune AI Photo Enhancer for Android – Download the APK

PhotoTune provides you with a one-tap solution to pixelated, blurry and low-resolution photos. Whether a selfie, a group photo or an aesthetic view, it will enhance any and every picture. With its phenomenal AI, PhotoTune allows you to get your hands on HD quality pictures in no time. This is an easy-to-use one-touch photo editor …

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Ecommerce and product photo-editing

I will do e-Commerce Image background remove

Have you need any photo editing services.. HIGH END PHOTOSHOP EDITING AND BACKGROUND REMOVAL SERVICE, I’LL OPTIMIZE YOUR ANY TYPE OF PRODUCT IMAGES FOR E-COMMERCE, YOU SAVE TIME, SPEND LESS, AND SELL MORE.  TOP REASONS TO HIRE : Fast & friendly customer service. Many years experience in photoshop. Fast & friendly customer service 100% Client …

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Street fashion photography tips

Street fashion is fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios. It is generally associated with youth culture and is most often seen in major urban centers. What are street fashion photography ? The “street fashion photography” approach to style and fashion is often based on individualism, rather than focusing solely on current fashion …

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