A Short Tutorial About Clipping Path

How to make photoshop clipping path?

Since, to isolate background from a photograph sometimes may need as a massive requirement in your industry so you have to know how to illustrate a clipping path around the specific portion in a picture. Now we will learn how to draw a simple clipping path by following some steps below.


1. When you want to make a vector path must open the file with Photoshop application what you like to use during art work in computer. For windows you can cntrl+O and if you use Mac press Cmd+O.

2. Before starting path you should duplicate (cntrl+J for Windows or cmd+J for Mac) the photograph for extra safe from any damage. Now you can start your main work pick the Pen Tool from the side bar of the program. Simply you can by pressing cntrl+ P (windows) or cmd + P (Mac).


3. Now you can start Clipping Path outside the object what you want to select within a vector shape. After some distance you keep drawing a curve with the Pen tool and keep it up whenever all around the element don’t be selected with the curves. When you reach at starting point you have to close path adding this point in the last click.

How to

4. Let you check some are missing to make a path. So you also create another several shape for all the missing areas just like a small loop into the photographs have to be done so that you can exactly remove the background.

How to

5. After going above  steps you will come at the point to isolate background at least. Now you have to apply clipping path process to extract background from the photographs. To apply the path command go to path section of layer pallet and click twice to change the name as work path. If you don’t change the path may not save for future work.How to

6. While clicking twice on the path pallet you can see a pop up menu in front of you let change name into work path and what you want. There is some adjustment you can make about softness when the edge will look very soft tune it for better result otherwise avoid it.

7. At least you have completed drawing path just now you can remove background simply go to “Paths” of the layer palette and press Ctrl or Cmd with clicking   “work path” layer.


8. Now select the background layer and press Ctrl+J the object will be placed itself with a new layer in a transparent background.

Now ready your image at last clipping path and Background removal Services. Thanks a lot.

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