Can I apply to the free trial work?

Yes you can! We suggest you, at first you check the quality by getting a free trial about one or two images before placing the order.

Are my photos security with CPPE ?

100% Guarantee for security. We have secured data center have firewall configured. And our local PCs had virus protection.

Will my images be used for other purposes?

We are professional. We don’t disclose/share any of the images you order. If you wish, we can sign NDA paper.

How to Chan What format you ant the images will be?ge my Photo from Admin Dashboard?

We accept the following format to be use on photo editing: PSD, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, DMG, GIF, AI, ESP, PDF,

How can I get a quotation and when will be the reply?

It’s really easy to get quoted about the job you want to place. Just use our Free Trial form, fill them up and send your images with the instruction. Really we will reply within a short time as soon as possible.

How much the file size for uploading?

Though there is a bounding to upload the images through a web form to email. You can attach up to 2 images in Free Trial form and the maximum size of each file should be 5 MB. If you have a bigger file than 12MB you will need to use the FTP system.

What is your working time?

We work in limit time in a day (9-12 hours) and 6 days in a week. Friday is our Weekend. But our customer service is always alert. Try us!

How long it will take my job to be finished?

It depends on the job’s quantity and image complexity. We usually take 8 -16 hours to complete the job. If we need further times to be complete the job, we will inform you.

How can I send and receive my images?

For small amount of images, you can use Wetransfer.com or dropbox.com to (https://www.clippingpathphotoedit.com/get-a-quote/). And for large volume you’ve to use FTP system.

What! if I'm not happy with a completed image?

Yes! It’s a good question about the completed jobs. But it is very rare of talking about our work. Because, we proceed your work by highly skilled DTP professionals. In case, if you find any problem with our work please claim us with writing an email at once and we will observe and effort our superior to fix it within the duration time without extra cost. However, if you still not satisfied with the work we did. We don’t charge you for anything.

Do you maintain Quality Control?

Yes, sure, we’ve dedicated Quality Control Department (Q.C Dept) to check image for its quality. We don’t deliver any single image without checked by our Q.C Dept.

Can I have a weekly or monthly payment?

Absolutely, there are so many clients who send us ongoing projects over the week/month/year. If you turn, you can also have a weekly or monthly payment plan.

How can I ensure your work?

All our designers are highly skilled and well trained. They invest all their effort to your works. CPPE guarantees the satisfaction of quality job by taking 3 times QC (Quality Checking) before submitting the final task.

How do you provide low price?

Since its being situated low labor cost area (Bangladesh), we are mostly able to provide very competitive rate for your job considering high quality task.

How do I pay Clipping Path Photo Edit (CPPE)?

It is not important to pay before the work done. At first you expect your completed work and make some observing on it. Then if you happy with the completed work, we will send you an invoice with all the details. Our acceptable payment methods are Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Bank Transfer.