Clipping Path Photo Edit (CPPE) an offshore digital graphic studio providing Photoshop clipping path, Multi Path, Image/Photo masking, photo retouching, drop shadow,
Mirror Effect, Ghost Mannequin, Color Correction, Photo resize, E-commerce photo editing, raster to vector conversion and other Photoshop services.


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The Clipping Path Photo Edit (CPPE) deliver more accurate image masks than our previous vendor, and their fast turnaround doubled the productivity of our in-house graphic designer. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
John care
John care@ukphotographer
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The Clipping Path Photo Edit deliver more accurate image clipping path & Photo retouching services, Perfect lighting made this incredibly sharp photo achievable ! Thanks (clippingpathphotoedit)
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The Clipping Path Photo Edit (CPPE) were excellent! They are quick to respond and deliver perfect quality work. I will be using them from now on.
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I was very impressed with CPPE quality and fast service. This was my first time using an outside clipping service. I communicated with three candidates but only CPPE responded quickly and with excellent quality of work. I highly recommend them.
lore singe
lore singe@usaphotographer
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The Clipping Path Photo Edit were excellent! They are quick to respond and deliver perfect quality work. I will be using them from now on.




Our Popular Services

Clipping Path Photo Edit (CPPE) Service is mostly known for its various services like Background Removal ServiceImage Masking ServiceShadow ServicePhoto Retouching ServiceColor Correction Service which are very popular in image editing industry.

We are providing Clipping Path Photo Edit (CPPE)  services since 10+ years by our skilled professional designers. We offer a handsome discount on a heap image. All our services are taken by our customer in a large number and we get positive feedback from our customer every time. Here, we are giving you a gist of our popular services below.


Deep Etching | Image CutOut | Background remove                        

The Photoshop Clipping Path technique is used to effectively remove the main object of the image from its background. That way you can place it on a background that better complements the object and minimizes distraction. More details

Transparent Masking | Channel Masking | Knock Out Image


Photoshop Image Masking techniques can be useful when there are small details or problematic elements in an image that can’t be dealt with by clipping paths. Hair is a good example of this. Photoshop Image Masking offers the best solution in such cases, especially for portrait or close up images of models, and will deliver the best degree of detail for your chosen image. More details

Image_masking_and_background _removal_services
Blemish Retouching | Jewelry Retouching | Cleaning Blemishes

 Photoshop retouching is such kind of solution to remove these and make your image elegant. Few kinds of photo retouching services we provide such as removing blemishes and spots, reducing dark circles, smoothing the wrinkles, skin softening, lighting, sharpening, darkness, restoring the old torn photographs and many others.

Photo retouching service is perfect for the photographers, modeling agencies, e-commerce websites, photography studios, designing agencies and so on. More details

Shadow Effect Creation Services

Drop Shadow | Natural Shadow | Cast Shadow | Reflection Shadow | Mirror Effect | Existing Shadow

Create a realistic look to your object to make the image more natural by adding a drop shadow. Adding a shadow gives a sense to a real image which shows the natural effect from the surface of an image.

It can give a duplicate copy of the image as shadow using Photoshop path term. Our experts can also create the 3d effect to the image which makes an image more attractive. More details…


Image Manipulation or Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin | Neck Joint | Photo Composition | Mannequin Remove | Rebuilt Invisible Mannequin

Image manipulation is a highly popular art of transforming an image to another image. It is also known as Neck Joint Service. This particular Ghost Mannequin editing system works very effectively for product presentation.

It is also possible to remove the background, add or remove an object, mix and match pictures, changing the color and so on. Ghost Mannequin service helps you to get your image an excellent look which you can use for promoting your products. Ghost mannequin service is mostly used by garment industries. More details…

Color Correction Services

If an image is a body, color is the soul of an image. No image can attract people if the color of the image is wrongly adjusted. It is possible to put right color and adjust the level of the color by Color Correction Service.

Currently, it is a very famous image editing service. We can change or adjust your mentioned color into the objects that have to be made more creative and productive with the color correction service. Color correction is used in different types of photography, such as … More details…


Image Convert Raster to Vector

Vector convert | Image convert | Illustration                                                            Do you have logos and raster image about poor resolution? Convert low-quality images and logos to the high quality by Raster to Vector or Vector Conversion / vector tracing Service. Raster images are bitmapped images which are created by pixels.

So when you zoom in the raster images, you will see that the pixels of the images are breaking which causes an unclear image. On the other hand, vector images are high-quality images which are usually are clear … More details…

E-commerce photo editing Services

online store | online shop                                                                                                 

Ecommerce and product photo-editing services are helpful for in all kinds of scenarios. Maybe you don’t have the time, the team or the bandwidth to edit your ecommerce photos internally. And if you have lots of products, it’s not uncommon to have thousands of product photos that need to be edited. Selling on different marketplaces, each with their own requirements, makes the job even bigger. More details…

Ecommerce and product photo-editing
Multi clipping path service

Multi Clipping Path Services

color correction || Photo retouching || Divide


Multi Clipping path is expanded variant of typical section way depends on the process of Photoshop Clipping path by using Pen Tool. When you have to deal with many isolated pieces of a solitary picture, you have to utilize multi-cutting way to Multi Clipping path. In the wake of isolating all focused on part in the multi path, one can undoubtedly apply any guideline on these parts.  More details…


Unlike many other image-editing services, we carefully create clipping paths by hand. This gets you a clean, finished edge for a consistent look across all your photos

Why you choose us?

Clipping Path Photo Edit (CPPE) provides quality Photoshop image editing service. CPPE is the best place to get best clipping path service. We focus on quality work and customer satisfaction. We provide all kind of image editing services manually. From the following key points will help you to get right decision. If you want further information about our working process, payment gateway and others, go to FAQ.

  • High Quality Work
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