About Clipping Path Photo Edit

We believe in serving our customers and serving the globe. Fast, high-quality, professionally edited images at affordable prices, plus a commitment to making the world a better place — that’s what makes us Clipping Path Photo Edit.


Fast service

Editing hundreds — even thousands — of photos requires many hours of extreme focus. Spending all that time editing photos, while juggling a million other things, can be difficult — especially with impending deadlines. We’ll send you a quote in 45 minutes or less, and can deliver your edited images in as little as 6 hours.

Affordable pricing

With prices starting at just $0.25 USD/image, it’s tough to beat a company as affordable as we are. Our prices are always reasonable and fair, and we aim to be as transparent as possible with every quote. With pay-as-you-go or corporate monthly billing, there’s a payment option that will work for you.

High-quality images

There’s a reason we score 9.4/10 in customer satisfaction. It’s because we deliver high-quality images that we edit by hand. “Excellent value,” “perfect result” and “quality exceeded my expectations” are just a few of the ways our customers have described their experiences.

How We Started Clipping Path Photo Edit

We began as a small local business in Bangladesh back in 20012. CEO and founder S.M. Towhidul Hasan Rofiq saw people in his local community suffering from poverty and unemployment, so he knew he wanted to do something to make a positive impact.

Towhidul was originally introduced to digital clipping path and image-editing a shop, Along with his siblings, Towhidul started a small graphic design business. In 2014, Towhidul founded Clipping Path Photo Edit.

Today, Clipping Path Photo Edit offers a list of services, ranging from hand-drawn clipping path to white background. We employ more than 101 image-editing experts and operate in three countries. We believe in training and employing people who need it most, and in providing a positive working environment for our entire team.

Our success is built upon our commitment not only to the local community but also to our customers. We enable our customers to grow their businesses by providing high-quality, affordable image-editing services.

CEO Of Clipping path photo edit

Behind the Scenes

Our global presence and staff of dedicated professionals is available around the Time. Take a peek inside our offices to see us in action.


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